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missionary men

Missionary MenMissionary Men is the company’s first feature length film and is designed to appeal to a broad cross section of today’s society with a message of hope and salvation delivered with comic relief.  Recent years has seen rise in the demand for Christian films and recent film industry data indicates that comedy remains the number one genre for box office revenue.  By combining, these two genres into a biblically based but funny film with well-known actors we seek to appeal to the broader public with the message of salvation through Christ who is the only hope for a lost world.


Missionary Men is not just a movie, it is also a mission.  The UCF founders have created a movie that includes real world mission work throughout the production of the film and we expect that this will carry over into additional activities and material after the film is released.  It is our sincere hope and desire to not only impact society but also the Hollywood community through a daily demonstration of what it means to consider the needs of those around us.  This will be accomplished through many means such as daily prayer at the beginning and end of each day of filming and focused mission work in the various film locations.  In all we do, we seek to honor and glorify Christ.